Here’s a message from the Director of Hollister Pregnancy Center:

Hello HPC family and friends. This is Brigette from Hollister Pregnancy Center and I wanted to just give you a quick update about what is happening here at this center with us and with the services that we are providing to our community.

So we are open.

Today is Monday, March 23rd and we are open. We’re open our regular hours Monday through Thursday, noon to 5:00 and what we are doing is we are still offering pregnancy testing and ultrasound and also emergency services and essentials for families in need with infant children.

So we’re providing emergency formula, emergency diapers and baby wipes. And what we are having to do during this season is we are screening at the door. So our door is remaining locked and when a client comes to the door, our phone number is right on the front door and the client calls us and then we’re screening them properly and then we are inviting them into the center for their services.

We have two staff members that are currently here and two volunteer nurses that are working. So we are taking appointments at this time as well and all of our clients that are coming in are having their needs met in very many beautiful ways.

And so we wanted you to know that we are still up and going. We are trusting the Lord during this season for him to draw clients here by his Holy Spirit that need encouragement, that need love, that needs services.

Also, we’re trusting him as a God of multiplication to keep our finances at a healthy place and just continue to co-labor with him, to partner with the Lord, with his heart for the abortion vulnerable women that come to our center for services.

And so we just want to take this time also to bless you, to bless you where you’re at. We know that this is challenging to be at home during this time. And also there’s concerns about am I going to get sick or what’s going to happen with my job and our finances and different things.

So I just want to bless you today. I want to bless you in the name of Jesus with the security of knowing that your God has got you under the shadow of his wing. I want to bless you with just the encouragement of standing on the promises of God, on standing on his word, trusting him in such a time as this that we have been assigned to to bless our community, to bless each other, to rise up in who we are as the body of Christ, to stand firm in our faith, unwavering faith knowing that God is in control.

And I also want to bless you, that your assets are protected, that everything that God has entrusted you to be a steward of on this earth will be protected and that your families will be protected, that the blood of Jesus will cover you, that your homes will be surrounded by warring and ministering angels, and that all of heaven will partner with you as we continue to carry the kingdom of heaven on earth.

And so I want to just also encourage you to rejoice in the Lord always as the word calls us to rejoice always and to trust him with thankful hearts and to be continually looking at what we’re thankful for and the provision that we have in our families with each other.

With our needs being met at the store, it might look like there are shortages, but the kingdom of God has no shortage. So as we walk and carry his presence, he will provide continually. And the provision might not come from where the obvious places are, but God is good and faithful to provide.

So we want to bless you from Hollister Pregnancy Center. Please keep us in your prayers and just that the Lord’s work will continue to go forward here and that our doors will remain open.

We are able to stay open because we are a licensed medical clinic and also because we are providing essential needs to families that need help with their, like the formula for their children and those items. So we’re very, very thankful to have our doors open and to be reaching our community. Okay everybody.

So have a wonderful blessed day and God bless you all.

May the peace of God rule and reign over your hearts. Amen.