Here’s a message from the Director of Hollister Pregnancy Center:

Hello HPC family.

So we are on Tuesday, April 14th, and just wanted to give you a update for this week of what is happening at Hollister pregnancy center.

And so right now our doors are still open and we are having a wonderful time of meeting with clients and people in our community who are needing assistance with services.

And so we are currently, we have reduced our services and so currently right now what we’re doing is pregnancy testing and ultrasound and then we are providing the emergency diapers, the emergency formula clothing for children, zero to two T and maternity clothing.

So the clothing that is available is clothing that was donated before the Covid 19 outbreak. And so it’s clean, there’s no risks of anybody, um, contracting anything from, from the clothing.

So, and we have not been receiving any donations and we will not receive donations until after everything has been cleared and everybody’s released to start going back to life, as normally as possible, which we’re all looking forward to.

I know another thing that we have been doing, which has been just a big blessing for us, is to be able to be a facilitator for families that need food. And have another nonprofit organization in our community that has dropped off food here at our center for clients that have expressed a need to us that they were in need of some things and then the clients would come and, and pick up those needs as well.

And so God’s using us in some unique ways during this Covid 19 outbreak we have also had an opportunity to donate toilet paper to another local nonprofit that needed toilet paper.

Um, so we’re just truly blessed by God’s provision and how he’s using us. We feel blessed that our doors continue to be able to remain open and that we can still serve our community.

Um, so last week we did put out a e-blast in regards to our financial need. Right now God is really doing something wonderful and growing and stretching us in our faith. He continues to provide in a lot of different ways.

Um, but currently right now, because our largest fundraiser of the year had to be either postponed or canceled.

We don’t have our income that we would normally have. So our annual banquet would provide income for the next five or six months. It would take us from may through our walk for life in October.

And this center is 100% privately funded and we actually are carried fundraiser to fundraiser and our little things in between like our food fundraisers and, and just different little fundraisers that we’ll do that brings a little extra cash for us to be able to do our community outreach for us to be able to, uh, develop programs and, and different things like that and help clients.

Last, no, I think it was two weeks ago, we bought a pair of shoes for a three year old boy who did not have any shoes. And so, you know, we’re here to provide for children.

We’re here to, to come alongside parents that choose life.

And so, um, so as we’re doing that, you know, God, he just carries us fundraiser to fundraiser and we are always trusting him for the provision to move forward. So I just wanted to let you know that’s going on as well. We’re trusting God right now to keep our doors open as the income that we were expecting.

The $70,000 a year that we get, you know, that’s raised at our annual banquet that that income, we don’t have it right now. So, so we love partnering with God and seeing him work in, miraculous ways. So, that’s our update for this week.

We are encouraged, I know that, um, we’re, I’m believing and trusting that our nation is going to get back to normal in our world, um, shortly, shortly here as we are seeing a lot of really wonderful things happen and um, and testimonies that are being communicated. So just want to bless you again today.

I want you to know how much Hollister pregnancy center appreciates all of you, your prayers, your, your giving that you have continued to be faithful in our monthly donors. Are they, they just get us by a little bit. We um, raised about $4,000 in monthly giving.

And so if you would like to become a monthly donor, we would love to have you do that.

You can contact the center, we’ll let you know how to do it. Our number is (831) 637-4020. But I just want to bless you today. I know that things are getting tight for people a little bit tighter as people are now, you know, a lot of people living on um, their unemployment benefits, different things that they’ve had to get from the community.

Just continue to stand firm in who you are trusting God to provide for you. He has a good plan. I just want to share one more thing. This is getting long, but I know the season for me that I’ve been in right now is a season of rest and God has done so much restoring in my life.

He has refreshed me. He’s brought a renewal in certain places of my life that I was feeling a little dry like in the desert. But God’s bringing new life and he’s refreshing all of us through this season. So if we just lean into him, lean into a way how he wants to develop us and grow us in this season, much, much fruit’s going to come out of it for all of us. So I bless you with rest. I bless you with rusting in God’s presence, hearing his voice.

I continually bless you with just the protection over your finances, over the provision that God has provided for you, over all of your assets, your businesses, um, everything that you own, your homes, vehicles, any, vacation places, any investments that you have. I just declare a divine covering and protection over all of that for you, health to your families.

As people do convey, continue to get infected. I just speak health over you that, that your body, that virus would just bounce right off of you in the name of Jesus. And so, um, God bless you all.

Thank you for listening to our update this week. We’re going to check in again in another couple of weeks. Have a great rest of your day. And, until we see you again. Bye bye