Many teen girls and boys have walked through our doors concerned about their health.

As we talk to them we discover the stress and anxiety of a possible unsupported pregnancy or STD goes deep into their hearts, resulting in shame and hidden secrets.

Brene Brown defines shame as,

“ the intensely painful feeling that we are unworthy of love and belonging.” 

When we make choices for our lives, outside of what is best and healthiest for us, we sometimes end up with consequences that remind us of that mistake or choice for the rest of our lives.

HPC is here is listen and provide resources so decisions can be made to promote healthy successful living.

We believe the lives of our clients are not defined by their mistakes, but by the truth of who they were created to be.

Come on in to receive literature on healthy relationships and talk to us about God’s plan for your life.  You will be encouraged and supported to embrace life and reach your goals and dreams.