Do you think you might be pregnant?

Detecting the early signs of pregnancy is not always easy. There are many different symptoms, and it is possible to have all or only a few of them. Some women have all the early signs of a pregnancy, yet are not pregnant, whereas others may only have some of the signs but are most definitely pregnant. Thus, the signs and symptoms of an early pregnancy are only signs — not an absolute confirmation of a pregnancy. Follow your symptoms with a valid pregnancy test for a reliable and accurate early diagnosis.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

• You stop having your period, or you spot slightly when you would have normally had your period, or you spot when the fertilized egg is implanted in your uterus.
• You experience swollen or tender breasts.
• You need to urinate more frequently.
• You experience excess unexplained tiredness, and may even need to nap.
• You experience constipation, indigestion, heartburn and/or bloating.
• You have erratic mood swings, such as feeling sad, angry or happy for no discernible reason.
• You start feeling sick to your stomach, which often occurs in the morning — leading of course to the phrase “morning sickness.”

How early can I have a pregnancy test?

We offer complementary pregnancy tests that can detect results as soon as 7 to 10 days after conception, which is even before a missed period. When a woman is pregnant, her body produces a hormone called hCG, which is found in her urine and in her blood. The appearance of hCG in urine soon after conception and its subsequent rise in concentration during early gestational growth make it an excellent marker for the early detection of pregnancy. A pregnancy test yields a positive result when this hormone is present. Call us to schedule your complementary pregnancy test.