Hollister Pregnancy Center provides easily accessible quality services.  We exist in our community to stand in the gap for our young people.   Along with Medical services, we educate, nurture & listen. We provide the tools necessary to help our youth stand against the tide of our media driven culture.

Because we are a licensed Medical Clinic, we are able to offer:
  • Pregnancy Testing and verification
  • Limited Ultrasound
  • Medical consultation on Pregnancy and options
  • Testing, Diagnosis & Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Disease
Because we care, we offer:
  • Compassion for the woman in an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy
  • Compassionate, confidential counsel which include hope and love
  • Compassion for her unborn child
  • Compassion to provide full and accurate information to women who may be making a life changing decision
  • Clothing for mother and baby plus other material items to meet our patient’s practical needs
  • Testing, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted disease along with caring counsel and guidance.
  • Above all, the compassion to offer our emotional support


Community Outreach:

Prevention education is an important component to the services we provide. We present the abstinence message to area schools, youth groups and youth organizations. We are committed to educating and guiding the youth of San Benito County in a way that both engages and challenges students. We believe that abstinence can be a reality for our youth. It’s our goal to give teens and young adults the tools necessary to make healthy, moral decisions regarding relationships and sexual intimacy.

Hollister Pregnancy Center & STD Clinic serves every race, creed, color, national origin, age & marital status. All of our services are offered in a nurturing, safe environment from a Christian prospective.