What is on your mind when it comes to choices and sexual health? I’m sure you have a lot of questions. There is a lot of information out there but is it the right information?

What we see on television and in the movies is based on some facts but the scenes of a young couple in love, laughing and living it up aren’t always followed by the heartache that sometimes results from a breakup, STI or unplanned pregnancy. When we look for a happy ending sometimes we forget that making the wrong decisions when it comes to sex can have serious consequences.

One out of every four teens will contract an STI, (sexually transmitted infection). I was in the emergency room with a young teenage girl after being diagnosed with an STI that has no cure and through her tears, all I heard her say was, why is this happening to me? I felt helpless to encourage her.

When we are in the midst of hearing the words, you are pregnant, or your STI test is positive, it is hard to look beyond that moment. But what I want to talk to you about today is how to avoid getting there.

“Sexual health is more than freedom from sexual disease or disorders … Sexual health is non-exploitive and respectful of self and others … Sexual health is dependent upon an individual’s well-being and sense of self-esteem. Sexual health requires trust, honesty, and communication.”

It might not be what you want to hear but there is no full proof protection against STI’s and pregnancy that is being offered in doctor’s offices or clinics. We want to know we are safe, but what is happening is we are playing the game of Russian roulette with our bodies and emotional health.

A choice does have to be made. What will yours be? The only full proof contraception and guarantee against contracting an STI is abstinence. But wait! I like sex! My boyfriend will dump me if I don’t sleep with him! I can hear your thoughts screaming at me right now.

I understand. Abstinence as a choice after being sexually active is not easy, but it is a way to love yourself and your future spouse. Carrying an STI into your marriage or an abortion wounded heart can sometimes be more painful than saying, “no to” sex.

“The behavior of a human being in sexual matters is often a prototype for the whole of his other modes of reaction in life.”

Sex was created and designed to be awesome and fulfilling within the boundaries and protection of marriage. It was designed to create a bond of unbreakable love, respect, and honor between a husband and wife. This is what you have to look forward to.

Abstinence education and support can help you in your decision making to plan a healthy future and family. Knowing the facts about STI’s, the risks involved with future pregnancies and harmful or painful side effects will help you make informed choices.

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